Thursday, November 26, 2009

Welcome To HaxTube's Blog!

Hello, and welcome to HaxTube's blog. HaxTube is co-owned by seanG (Sean Garcia) and owned by me (Joey Eckelbarger). We will be running the site, it's currently under construction but will be up soon we hope. HaxTube is going to consist of videos that show you how to hack iPod Touches, and others. Sean Garcia's job is to do the iPod Touch hacking video's (since I lost my iPod Touch) My main job is programming the site and making sure everything is up and running!
Hope you enjoy our site, please subscribe to our YouTube channels which the video's will be on, BUT they will also be on HaxTube!!!! Our YouTube channels are Www.YouTube.Com/Joeybradley98 (Joey's) and Www.YouTube.Com/seanG5041 (Sean's) My YouTube channel already has a video on how to jailbreak the iPod Touch 2G if you're still running 2.2.1 firmware guys!!!!